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Ah, breakfast.  I just feel special when I have time to enjoy this first meal of the day.   My current first choice is BuzzBrews.  A 24 hour diner that has organic ingredients and prices that can’t be beat…that’s BuzzBrews.  Think all you can drink coffee for $2 (at least 5 flavor varieties are available at all times) and enormous chai tea lattes with flavors and foam that draw you back again and again.

This place is worth the trip and has 3 locations to choose from. My personal favorite is the one off of Central in Dallas.  I have been time and time again and this is the only restaurant that’s been good enough that I would actually take myself, sit by myself, and enjoy myself.  A few Saturdays ago I did just this and opted for the Californication crepes.  Piles of veggies snuggled within thin crepes and topped with poblano cream sauce and served with fruit and their homemade organic toast.

The toast is perfection and the restaurant is actually known for their french (griddle) toast, which is really tasty when served up with Vermont maple syrup.  By the way, I sub the bacon for their veggie sausage.  I don’t know how their veggie sausage can taste so good.  What I really like about this place, is that they include pictures of the food on their online menu.  Not just a few either, as you can see pictures of the majority of their dishes before you ever get to the restaurant.  This makes ordering easier…or harder depending on how you look at it.  I for one, wish more restaurants would do this.  Word descriptions leave some to the imagination but a picture, now that can really sell it.

So here are my favorites from BuzzBrews:

1.  The French Connection: two crepes stuffed with grilled chicken, tomato, button and portabella mushrooms, spinach, Anaheim peppers, poblano cream sauce, feta and cheddar cheese, served with garlic marbles.  I’d sub the garlic marbles for fruit.  The potatoes are good, not great and I figure my body needs the fruit more.

2.  Amigas: Three eggs scrambled with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, red peppers, Anaheim peppers, and crisp corn chips then topped with cheddar and feta cheese. Served with BB refried beans, wheat tortillas and salsa. Your choice of chicken, chorizo or veggie.

Dish I really want to eat, but I’m worried about anaphylactic shock:  Banana Nut Pancakes.  Hey, I may still try them.  It’s only a mild allergy and they look too delicious to live a life without them.

To see many, many more delicious food photos, go to BuzzBrews.