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I absolutely love ice cream in all forms. Okay, not all forms, as I hate Dippin Dots. Ice cream in the form of tiny little balls….it’s just not natural. I am a fan of the do-it-yourself frozen yogurt shops that are popping up all over the place. But with the increased number of chains, it is difficult to know what flavor to try where.

Sometimes there is a flavor so delicious that it’s worth making a special trip to seek it out. So hop in the car and drive on over to Yumi-licious for their Avacado Tart frozen yogurt. It’s sweet and tart at the same time. I’m a girl that loves a rich dessert, and will often choose regular yogurt flavors over tart ones, but this flavor is in a league of its own. Four of us went in the store and all four of us came out with the same amazing flavor.

Avacado Tart....(Holy crap this is good)

Avacado Tart, you are a new favorite. I am delighted to share you with the world.

By the way, Avacado Tart can only be found at Yumi-licious…just FYI. There are various locations in the Dallas area.