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After a wonderful massage at the organic Spa Habitat (thank you, thank you, mother-in-law and massage therapist Shane), we had lunch on the patio at Taco Diner.  Yes, on the patio in DECEMBER on a perfect 70 degree sunny day….ahhh Texas.

Post-massages at Spa Habitat

We had a few options that were close by, but this seemed to be as good of a choice as any.  I had actually researched a few of the restaurants in West Village at Uptown and although there were a few that stood out, nothing really jumped out at me.

We sat down to chips and a red and green sauce (I think it’s avacado based) for dipping.  The red sauce was better, but neither had a ton of flavor.  After carefully looking over the menu, I decided on the #7 Sopes Oaxaca.  It had a lot of ingredients and this is usually a good rule of thumb to order by.  My sisters-in-law and mother-in-law ordered fish and chicken tacos (soft corn tortillas).  I knew I made a good choice when my order made it’s way to the table.

#7 Sopes Oaxaca (chicken chalupitas)

The fish and chicken tacos looked okay, but kind of bland or at the very least, uninteresting.  No pictures here, but just mentally picture a corn tortilla with meat on it and sides of onions, cilantro, etc.

The Sopes Oaxaca is the kind of dish you eat with a knife and fork, as the base is something between a soft chalupa and a crunchy tostada shell.  It had layers  of black beans, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and queso fresco.  It just could have used some spices or something to make the flavors pop.  The rice was okay, but not quite worth the calories to finish the serving.

The best thing about Taco Diner was the view from the patio and the company I brought with me.  The service was slow, but since we were in no hurry and were enjoying the view and the weather, it was not a big thing.  There are so many good Mexican food restaurants around, and I will be choosing one of them the next time I feel like a taco.

What to order if you find yourself at Taco Diner and there are no other options:  Sopes Oaxaca, or any other item with maximum amount of ingredients to add flavor

Where you SHOULD go:  Spa Habitat