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5:12pm: Stay tuned…more to come later this evening.

He’s in the kitchen cooking as I peck away on on my phone. Actually, he’s cooking and fixing my Slingbox. What a multi-tasker. No elliptical for me today…it’s just too sad and lonely without my iPad TV to distract me from the fact that I’m sweating like crazy. So a little Pilates and then a shower and then dinner in my PJ’s or “Jamas” as they’re known over here. Yep, lucky…I know.

6:55pm: Today’s plating consisted of delicious, perfectly seasoned chili, veggie sticks, and made from scratch queso (you won’t find any Velveta in here). If you’re wondering if organic carrots and celery taste different (better), they do.  Try them sometime.

Chili, veggie sticks, and queso (we shared this queso by the way)

Oh the chili! He’s a chili master. The secret (HE says, ’cause you know I have no idea what has gone on in the kitchen)…yellow onions (not the sweet ones) that have been caramelized for two hours. It adds the perfect amount of sweet to compliment the savory.  I cannot wait until lunchtime leftovers tomorrow!

Danny's Chili - Yes it tastes as good as it looks