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There is a simple joy that comes from gathering around a fire with family and friends. In the past week I’ve been lucky enough to do this twice. Now don’t think for a second that I’m a camper. Sure my mom put me in girl scouts as a child, but the rustic, outdoor stuff just didn’t stick. In fact, I remember being in charge of cooking breakfast for my troop and the group decided that it was in everyone’s best interest if they just let me sleep in and left the cooking for someone else…anyone else. Spring forward to today, and that is still the case. No this is not me roasting nitrate free turkey dogs over the fire, I’m best used for taking the picture.


So even in a campfire situation, someone else is usually doing the cooking for me. I did, however, make this delicious take on a s’more. One carefully roasted marshmallow sandwiched between two chocolate covered graham cracker cookies (thanks Keebler). I guess there is a way to simplify a s’more. Leave it to my mom to figure that one out. My marshmallow roasting skills are pathetic compared to Kelly (sister #4), she’s our go-to roaster. Too bad I don’t have a picture of one of hers, but the perfectly cooked ones went quickly.


And just to clarify, this fire is in my parent’s backyard and I got to go home and sleep in my warm bed afterwards…the way God intended.