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Midlothian is full of quaint eateries that brighten my day from time to time.  One of those such places is Lighthouse Coffee Bar.

Located at 1404 N. 9th Street, it’s a little tucked out of the way, but definitely worth the drive.  You can even call in an order and pick it up at their drive through window…which is an important perk for mom’s with kids in the car, so I’ve been told.  There is nothing quite like this breakfast/lunch/coffee shop for miles.  Side note, come on Waxahachie, get with the program…even Ennis has a wonderful place known as Kolache Depot Cafe & Bakery…yes, also worth the drive for their absolutely amazing, never-going-to-find-one-better, banana puddings.  But that is a story for another time.

The Lighthouse is a cozy coffee shop that serves breakfast, lunch, and a delicious array of rotating desserts.  No, they won’t tell you which dessert is coming on which day, but I guess that’s part of how they get you to come in more darn it.  On this particular Friday, here is what was on the menu:

It’s a good day when these are out on the counter. They come wrapped and ready to go. I’m thinking the best thing to do is to keep one in your purse and pull it out during the workday when things start getting a little stressful. Sure some workplaces have alcohol readily available, but let’s face it, some employers frown on this and no one will give you any crap for pulling a brownie from your purse and taking a big hunk out of it (wrapping it up again and putting it safely back in your purse of course). I digress….you probably will get a little crap over this one 🙂

Have you noticed a theme here? The desserts are HUGE and so reasonably priced you would be remiss if you left with just one.

And for the sweet finale….

Crispy, super gooey, chocolatey goodness. And yes, I'm not ashamed to say I've called ahead just to see if these were on the menu for the day. There's no shame in planning ahead.

The best thing about the Lighthouse, is that they serve up some healthy options so you can splurge a bit on the dessert.  They recently revamped their menu and it gives due credit and ample space to their AMAZING grilled cheese sandwich.  They now allow you to create your own grilled cheese and have added different cheese and topping options.  Being that I don’t want to change a good thing, I asked the server to make mine the way they typically did it before the menu change (get ready to take notes, as you might not want to mess with perfection):  Cheddar, mozzarella, and feta with tomatoes and guacamole on wheat bread.

1/2 sandwich and 1/2 salad: Ultimate Grilled Cheese and Mandarin Salad

I’ve found the Mandarin Salad (romaine lettuce mixed with baby spinach, chicken, mandarin oranges, green onions, slivered almonds and feta cheese), to be the perfect complement to my grilled cheese splurge.  It’s worth noting that the grilled cheese was a little smaller than usual today but no worries.  The cool thing about the Lighthouse is that you can order whole sandwiches and choose either chips as a side, or carrots and celery with ranch dip!  How great is that!  A healthy side.  If you decide that you’d like to try two different sandwich halves, well, they are happy to oblige.  This is a no-extra-charge option, but they do take away your side for this switch, just FYI.  I found this out when I wanted to try the Michigan Chicken Salad Sandwich but couldn’t risk the thought of missing out on the Ultimate Grilled Cheese.

Chai-Blackberry Cream Soda was refreshing on this 78 degree day, in January, in Texas.

The next time you find yourself driving through Midlothian, stop in and stay for awhile at this little Lighthouse.  So what if it’s not meal time.  No matter what time of day, you can always see what’s for dessert!

What to Order:

1. Ultimate Grilled Cheese – I suggest ordering it on wheat with cheddar, mozzarella, feta, tomatoes, and guacamole.

2.  Mandarin Salad – the mandarin oranges mixed with feta cheese are a delightful combination

3.  Michigan Chicken Salad – because it’s super good and not pictured above —because I can’t eat all of the greats at once, sorry.  White meat chicken, crisp apples, dried cherries, walnuts and mayo topped with lettuce.  WARNING:  For best result, put on bread, if you don’t indicate this, they will put it on a croissant.  You know how many calories are in a croissant?!!!  You definitely don’t want to be surprised when you look into a takeout container and find one of these puppies staring back at you.  The decision to eat a croissant is one that should be conscious and purposeful.  Die hard dessert fans like me will typically want to save those kind of calories for something sweet.

4.  The California Turkey – Sliced turkey, bacon and guacamole topped with lettuce, tomato and a touch of mayo.  Quite popular among diners when served as a wrap.

What not to Order:

The chocolate chip cookies.  I don’t know, they just seem a little weird to me, but maybe I haven’t given them enough of a chance…or maybe it’s just because those darn thick, brownies are so deliciously tempting.  Choose the brownie….any brownie, instead.