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Danny hates tuna casserole. I love it. Anytime he asks me what I want for dinner, there’s a good chance I’m going to say “Tuna Casserole” (or grilled cheese…I LOVE grilled cheese). The words are followed by a huge sigh from Danny. I truly don’t see why because he found this fantastic recipe and I just can’t imagine how he could think it is anything but delicious. He usually agrees with my taste, but not on this dish for sure.

The previous day we had just had a conversation about tuna casserole and it promptly ended with, “I’m not making it.” No fight about it, just a matter-of-fact statement. No big deal, this is how the conversation usually goes so I’m good with it. Fast forward to the next day and I walk into the house to see a bouquet of these beauties.

Instantly, I could smell something warming in the oven and immediately I think….oh goodie it’s something in a casserole dish and that means it has CHEESE! He had been called in to work so it was just me, the mini schnauzer (Daisy), and the dish in the oven.

Imagine my surprise when I found this glorious dish staring at me.

*Big Sigh* Now tuna casserole, that’s love. Danny did not eat one bite of the six servings I polished off by myself in the next few days. We were both perfectly happy with that.