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There are two days in the year I prefer to stay in…New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are super crowded and filled with women that are excited to get the night off from cooking. Thankfully, I don’t have this problem, as every day is a cook-free day for me. So Danny doesn’t get to say that a night off of cooking is my present; he ends up having to be a little more original.

Yesterday we got into a conversation about how I was truly thoughtful last year as I designed a crossword puzzle filled with sayings and jokes we have between us. We had a great time laughing while he was trying to figure out the answers and I was so proud of myself for doing something that was this time consuming and thoughtful. As a side note, it was so good, I count it as my gift to him again this year…truly, it was pretty cool.

I mentioned to him that he didn’t get me a present/do anything special last Valentine’s Day and the subject was dropped quickly as I got caught up watching something on TV. I looked over and noticed he was quiet and on his computer. It wasn’t long and then he proudly proclaimed…I just looked at our bank statements from last year and I did do something for Valentine’s Day…I redid the bedroom. Poor guy, it really bugged him that he may have forgot me on Valentine’s Day. He is such a sweet one. I totally forgot that he redid our bedroom and by redo, I mean, he put in wood floors, added crown mold/baseboards/chair rails, encased the windows, painted the room, and helped choose linens for the bedroom. Not only is he a culinary whiz, but he can build just about anything out of wood. Yes, lucky again, I know.


This year’s Valentine’s Day was perfectly low key and it was nice to not have our house under construction.

The 3 P’s of Valentine’s Day:

Pilates – a girl’s gotta exercise and you might as well do it while relaxing and lying down

Pizza and Big Bang Theory – because it’s a ritual Sheldon would be proud of

Half supreme for him and half veggie for me

Pillows – Hey, don’t knock it. These super supportive neck pillows cost him as much as two dozen delivered roses on Valentine’s Day. So take a big sniff of your roses and think of me as I’m getting amazingly restful sleep that would make anyone jealous.


The tiny travel size one will definitely alleviate the fights we have when I insist to take my giant pillow with me wherever I go. Now we’ll be able to take actual clothes in the suitcase instead of just my pillow! Ah, the lasting joys of Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait for next year.