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When Kandace (sister #2) suggested spending her birthday in Las Vegas this year, we jumped at the chance to join her!  So Kristin (#3), Danny, and I opted out of working mid-week and ran off to Vegas to join Kandace and her boyfriend, B.J.

Sisters in Vegas

Me and Prince Charming outside the castle

We weren’t able to plan ahead because it was a spur of the moment thing.  Work has been eating up time like it just got off of a starvation diet, so it’s not like I would have had much free time to do my typical travel research anyway.

Typical travel research includes hours and hours (days) of planning and a Word document of restaurants and activities complete with hyperlinks that you can access from your phone.  Seriously, I’m really thorough when it comes to travel planning and my picks typically turn out favorably.  So much so that my future sister-in-law mentioned that the only gift she really wants is for me to put together a honeymoon plan.  And she really knows, because we got to vacation together in Destin, FL last summer for a wedding and she tasted the benefits of my “list” first hand 🙂

It was mine and Kristin’s first time in the city, and Kandace showed us the ropes.  We hit the strip as soon as we got off the plane and ended up at the 2nd reason I decided I had to go to Vegas (the first one was obviously spending time with my family)…Serendipity 3!  Now this is a reason to hop a plane and go to Vegas!

Serendipity 3 - Cesar's Palace, Las Vegas

How cute is it inside here?!  If heaven were a dessert shop, I picture it looking something like this.

Pineapple Breakfast Cocktail - we'd been up for 9 hrs at this point. Danny ordered a Bloody Mary and it was so good it almost made Kristin order one, but she was holding out for dessert.

East Side Western Omelette

The omelette was filled with wonderful things inside and I didn’t hear any complaints from B.J.

The Breakfast Quesadilla was huge and definitely enough for two hungry people to share.  There was a heaping serving of bacon, eggs, and potatoes and the guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo surprisingly paired wonderfully with the breakfast ingredients.  Danny couldn’t keep his hands off of it long enough for me to snap a picture.

Kristin and I decided to share something so we would have enough room for dessert.  She was super happy she made that decision and we both devoured every bite.

Mushroom Quiche - with salad piled high on top

The quiche had a great mushroom and cheese flavor and the salad dressing was perfectly sweet enough for the morning hours.  This dish was by far my favorite entree of the meal and I would most definitely order it again.

Then it was on to dessert.  Now, if you’ve ever heard about Serendipity, you know that they are known for the sweet, icy treats they serve up.  People talk about their frozen hot chocolate, which is quite good.  But here’s a tip:  they sell it online.  Don’t waste what could be your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Serendipity and order the thing you can make at home in your own blender.  What you should be ordering are their unique ice cream sundaes.  Now, Kandace didn’t take my advice (darn it, I was trying to get her to order a different specialty sundae so I could try another one…what can I say, it was HER birthday), but she seemed pretty happy with her choice of their giant banana split.

Banana Split - small size

As for me, I dream about their Strawberry Fields Sundae.  I’ve had it two other times in New York and I just can’t get it out of my mind.  This is the ULTIMATE ICE CREAM SUNDAE.  I challenge you to find something better than this…really, and if you do, please let me know immediately.

The strawberry ice cream is fruity without the large chunks of tasteless frozen strawberries you find in the typical stuff.  It is perfectly creamy and delicious and then drenched in strawberries and sauce and nestled between a huge slice of cheesecake.  Top with made from scratch whipped cream and there you have it…perfection in an oversized ice cream chalice.  I think angels sing as the server presents it.

Strawberry Fields Sundae - Who would have thought $14 could taste soooo good?!

And Serendipity was only stop 1 on our 3 day Vegas Vacation.  Day 1 was just beginning and we milked the entire 26 hours out of that day (we gained 2 hours due to our flight).  More on all of this later.

If you go to Las Vegas and you do not stop by Serendipity, you should go home ashamed of yourself.  You just may have missed out on the very best Vegas has to offer.

Where to Go:  Serendipity 3, Las Vegas (or New York)

What to Order (pretty much anything at this place):

1.  Strawberry Fields Sundae – because it comes with cheesecake and if you think an ice cream sundae can’t get any better…slap a piece of cheesecake in there and you’ll see what I’m talking about

2.  Take home a packet of Frozen Hot Chocolate (so you can rekindle the Serendipity experience long after the lights of Vegas have faded)

3.  Mushroom Quiche