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Apparently, Danny was really listening when we were at Ri Ra Irish Pub in Vegas and I was suggesting that the Guinness Beef Stew might be a good choice. Within a couple of weeks of getting back home, he whipped up a batch.


I tried to see if he had a recipe, but he mentioned that he was reading some online and one person put a bottle of $16 wine in their stew (obviously not a Guinness version). He said he just couldn’t see the point in pouring the bottle of wine into the stew and opted instead for a cheaper, beer alternative.


I thought the cauliflower was a nice addition and gave it an additional nutrient boost and different texture. Danny also made sure I was aware that every ingredient in the stew was organic, except for the beef and beer. He knows what a selling point high quality, organic ingredients are to me.

The stew broth actually did taste like Guinness. Danny poured me a small glass of beer with my meal and I took a few sips but I couldn’t do it. I just really don’t like beer that is that dark and robust in flavor…apparently not unless it’s in my stew!