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If you haven’t yet tried frozen yogurt for breakfast, you are missing out on a wonderfully chilly way to start your morning. Sure we know that yogurt, fruit, and granola are often found together in the refrigerated section of many a restaurant, but what you may not be aware of is that the option exists to replace the refrigerated yogurt with the sweeter, more decadent frozen version. With frozen yogurt specialty shops popping up all over the place, this breakfast twist is even easier to access then ever before.


Kristin (sister #3) was hooked after just one morning in Vegas. With Blizz located just right beside the elevator to our room, it was hard to resist. The first day, she even trusted me enough to let me build her breakfast. From what I gathered, it was a success as she made it the very same way the next day.  Kristin’s is on the left.


Blizz at Luxor

What to Order for Breakfast:

Vanilla frozen yogurt – topped with granola, almonds, coconut (great addition, Kris!), blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and kiwi

20120219-191916.jpgWhy can’t there be a frozen yogurt place next door to my house?  Then I could have it for breakfast EVERY morning!  Now I love eggs, but if I have to choose between frozen yogurt or eggs for breakfast…I’m pretty sure frozen yogurt would win about 80% of the time.