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When we travel, Danny likes to tell the story of when I was asleep on the plane. As soon as I woke up the first thing that I said was “Egg McMuffin with cheese”. I was pretty out of it. But it’s safe to say that when I wake up, I’ve got breakfast on the brain. Most of the time I grab some type of prepackaged bar and head out the door.

But sometimes on the weekend, I’ll have the time to make just about the only thing I can make myself…a healthy version of an Egg McMuffin. Today it was a multi-grain English muffin, an organic egg over hard (meaning no runny business, plenty of gruyere cheese, and spinach.

Not so bad if I do say so myself. So just so you know that even when there is no one else around to do the cooking, I am still ok. Just in case you were worried 🙂