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The above title is a song that Danny was openly singing while he was cooking. Think of a very upbeat tune and just repeat those lyrics over and over again. It was catchy and I was kind of into it and just nodded along happily.


When you break the copier while working late at work and have to leave a sad “broken” note on the machine while sending a confessing “I’m sorry” email to the employee that you hope can fix it in the morning…you deserve a glass or two. Side note, I was tempted just to flee the scene but darn those security cameras and incriminating pass codes. The thing is sure fast to use but way too complicated to get out of a jam. Why can’t things just work the way they’re supposed to?

So while I sipped, Danny was busy concocting a baked Mexican creation. Mexican food night at our house is always an affair to sing about, hence the song in the title. Typically, just the tune of La
Cucaracha will do but today’s meal required it’s own song, lyrics and all.

Here’s the simplified recipe version in picture form that even I can follow:

Layer of tortilla chips, then heated retried bean mixture


Cheese and flour tortilla (this addition is new and not part of his typical casserole)



Layer of Mexican rice and then ground turkey mixture




Serve with sour cream, guacamole, or hot sauce and you have a meal worth singing about. I could eat 3 servings of this easily, but sadly, I won’t. The flavors and texture of this dish are absolutely perfect. The flour tortilla layer was a nice touch and the bottom layer of tortilla chips makes the dish hold together easier and keep from spreading out. This baby will be traveling to work with me tomorrow for sure.