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Just outside of the North side of Waxahacie on 287, you’ll see a restaurant sign for a great new restaurant. I couldn’t tell if it was a “6” a “g” or what on the sign, but followed by the name of the restaurant were the words, “Burgers and Freshmex” and I was instantly curious. By the way, I wasn’t close…it was a “b”. There is currently no webpage, but I took a few sample photos so you could get an idea. Note this is not a complete menu.





I am so glad the family decided to make a stop here today for lunch. We were in the middle of an archery tournament for my baby sister, KaLynn (# 8), and I persuaded our group to drive up the road a little bit to give this new place a try. Many people have yet to experience the tasty deliciousness of this restaurant because it has only been open for a very short time. I predict that this place will be a hit, what with their commitment to better, made-from-scratch ingredients, and I know I will be returning time and time again because it just tastes good. We should all support restaurants who avoid, “mass produced, unhealthy, and flavorless food”. Does high quality food cost more? Well sure, and it tastes better too. No dollar-menu-scary-meat burgers here. You only get one body and it’s just good sense to take care of it. Not to mention that there are only 3 meals in a day, so you really can’t afford to waste one on something that’s not exciting.

There were 5 of us, and there wasn’t a bad order in the bunch. We liked everything, from their chicken fried chicken (very good gravy, I might add and reminded me of something my Nana might make, and the corn dish on the side was different and interesting)…


to their cheese enchilada (Danny was impressed and mentioned it’s the best enchilada he’s ever had!)…


to their Texican Burger topped with pico, guacamole and queso. Quite an adventurous choice, but I’m glad Kristin was willing to take the risk today, as it sure paid off.


The Mushroom Burger had the perfect amount of mushrooms not to make it soggy and just enough to add a wonderful flavor.


The burgers come with chips, but for $1.99 you can sub in their sea salt, Parmesan, garlic waffle fries and a drink. I suggest you do this; you will not be sorry. They are quite good. I tasted them before my burger and knew I would come back if only just for the fries. This will also give you a chance to try their made-from-petals-on-site Hibiscus Tea. Now, this tea grew on me. The dark red tea started off as “ok”, but then the flavors swirled around in my mouth and the hint of sweetness was just the right amount that after I drank about 1/3 of the drink, I was hooked. As I’m typing now, I’m in my bed with the tea beside me and I NEVER bring anything but water in this room, let alone a bright red drink that has the staining potential of red wine. This should tell you how much I like it. It’s so unusual it just makes you to keep wanting another sip.

As for me, I took the safe route today and opted for the Turkey Burger and it was one of the most flavorful turkey patties I’ve had in awhile. I opted for mustard, and whatever spices were in it complimented the bacon, turkey, swiss cheese, and arugula wonderfully. They let you sub a turkey or grilled chicken patty on any of their specialty burgers, by the way.


Sometimes I like to play it safe with my order, especially when I go somewhere with a group because I know I’ll get to taste much more than what’s on my plate. Sure Danny’s plate is within tasting grasps always. He’s such a good sport about this and all I do is apparently stare at his food and he feels guilty or something and let’s me have a bite…no words exchanged at all. Apparently, I’m not the only girl in the family with this ability because KaLynn has done this same thing to him on more than one occasion. He’s even lost a burger to her this way. Poor guy, I’m lucky he’ll sit at the table with me. But it’s not every day that your entire table will let you sink your teeth into each of their burgers, like I did today. Ahhh, family.



Danny is so generous when it comes to sharing his meal. It’s one sided though. No matter how many times I offer, he rarely takes a bite of what’s on my plate. No hurt feelings here 😉

The guacamole barely stood a chance for this photo. We ate it all.


The server, Kayla, was very attentive and knowledgeable about the restaurant. She mentioned that everything is made from scratch from the raspberry lemonade to the salad dressings, and that high quality ingredients are important to the owner, which is always exciting to hear. When a burger did not show up to the table, Kayla quickly remedied the situation and even brought out a complimentary piece of Hummingbird Cake.


Holy crap the cream cheese icing is good! The cake tasted like it was made at home with love, and it turns out, that the owner’s wife is the baker and does just that (she’s also an artist as apparent by the interesting artwork throughout the restaurant). The cake is not on the menu yet (at least not from what I could tell), but I think desserts are designed to play a bigger role soon. This is the best piece of cake you can get in Waxahachie for sure, maybe Midlothian too. I cannot wait to see what other desserts will make their way onto the menu!

“b’s Texican”, welcome to the neighborhood and see you very soon.

What to Order:

1. Any burger! I plan on working my way through the menu.

2. Cheese enchiladas

3. Waffle fries with Sea Salt, Garlic, and Parmesan

4. Hummingbird Cake (with cream cheese icing, need I say more?)

5. Hibiscus Tea – lightly sweetened and after one glass, I’m hooked