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This seems to be our hangout for the past few years. It started when one of my sisters dated a server here, but even after that relationship came and went, our love of the bread and pasta lives on. I was so happy to get the invite when Kandace, Kamryn, KaLynn, and my mom texted the other day. Actually, I was hoping they would be wanting to do something on this particular day. I even soaked in my bubble bath with my makeup still on, just on the off chance that they might have the same idea I did. Thankfully, sisters often think alike.



I go to Carino’s mostly for the company I bring with me. I do love their 1/2 price family platter Mondays. They also have my favorite calamari and a Cesar salad that is quite tasty.


Spicy Chicken and Shrimp is always a crowd pleaser with the cream sauce and sundried tomatoes.


But the star of this particular outing was the grown up mac ‘n cheese! Now they definitely need to consider putting this on the menu full time.


Cheddar, chicken, mushrooms, and bacon…how could you go wrong?


The only bad thing is that this dish appears to be here only for a limited time. If you’ve been contemplating going to Carino’s, well now is the time. If you’re not a fan, I recommend giving them another try just for the mac ‘n cheese.

What to Order:

1. Calamari

2. Grown up Mac ‘N Cheese (limited time)

3. Spicy Chicken and Shrimp