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Let’s face it, we don’t all get to pack up, leave the dog at the sitter, and fly away to some far-away destination every time we get a little time off.

How could we possibly leave this face?

Now don’t get me wrong, we were about to do just that, but remembering that we still have a suitcase out from our last little trip to Vegas, we chose to be responsible.  We’ll see if we can use this time to put our house back in order since we’ve been neglecting it a bit lately.

Thinking that some of you may have the same idea, I put together a nice itinerary to make your Spring Break Staycation a little more delicious.  All you have to do is eat!

MONDAY (Waxahachie):  

Breakfast:  Two Amigos (212 W. Jefferson St. #1)- Spanish Omlette (veggie lovers) and pancakes, or for the more adventurous the Machacado plate (egg, steak, scramble) served with fried potatoes in a spicy seasoning and refried beans.

Lunch or Dinner:  Anne’s Health Food Cafe (2305 N. Hwy 77, PH: 972-923-1400)- wraps, burgers, sandwiches made from Nihman ranch meats….guilt-free meat….yum!  Dine in or grab and go by 6:30pm.  They also serve breakfast.

Turkey Wrap

Turkey with Bacon and herb mayo...and more Bacon, served up with spicy chips and a strawberry and peach, almond milk smoothie

TUESDAY (Midlothian):

Breakfast:  Kim & Jenny’s (133 N. 8th St., PH: 972-723-6250) – one of my favorite breakfast places South of Dallas.  Clean and welcoming with homemade biscuits and gravy!  Choose either special #1 or 2.  Enjoy the never-ending coffee that comes with it.

Lunch or Dinner:  Jimmy’s Pizza, Pasta, and Subs (202 W. Main St., PH: 972-775-5930) – Try the Ziti Napolitan – marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, and eggplant.  This dish is covered in cheese and baked to an insanely hot temperature…perfect as a to go order because there’s no way it will be cooled off by the time you get home.  They also have pizza by the slice and a nice display of desserts.

Alternate option:  Lighthouse Coffee Bar…..breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you won’t be sorry!  Great selection of desserts!  Killer grilled cheese! Even has a drive through for to go orders.  Open Tues-Sat.

Over the Top Brownies: Crispy, super gooey, chocolatey goodness. And yes, I'm not ashamed to say I've called ahead just to see if these were on the menu for the day. There's no shame in planning ahead.

WEDNESDAY (Waxahachie/Midlothian):

Breakfast:  Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (791 N. Hwy 77, PH: 972-937-9400) – Migas are always a great choice.  2 eggs scrambled with Chorizo, Mexican cheese, and green sauce with your choice of sides…but I’d recommend choosing Latin Fried Potatoes and Refried Beans if you eat there for breakfast.  Girls, feel free to split the Migas.  It comes with flour tortillas and there is plenty for two.For lunch, don’t miss their Mix-Mex Fried Rice (by far the best rice you can find beside a Mexican dish anywhere) and their grilled shrimp tacos on soft corn tortillas.

Lunch or Dinner:  b’s Texican (4470 E. Main St., PH: 972-775-5800) – I am loving this place!  The burgers make me come back again and again (I have 3 times already this week!).  The sea salt, garlic, Parmesan, waffle fries are good enough to make ketchup lovers rethink the sauce.  There is fresh Mexican food with made-from-scratch salsas.  The only thing this place needs is dessert….oh yeah, they have that too, so be sure to see what’s on display, as you never know what sugary treats await you.  If you only have time to check out one place this week, you should be sure to make it to b’s!

Pimento cheese appetizer with picked goodness. I'd say it's even better than the stuff I usually get at Whole Foods.

The Soul Man - BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, cole slaw, etc. served in between a perfect bun.

Kacey's Favorite: Blue Smoke (Turkey) Burger - gorgonzola cheese, bacon, horseradish mayo, extra hot dijon, lettuce, and tomato. Beef or turkey, you can't go wrong here!

Key Lime Pie - made me think of the amazing key lime pie at Le Tub Restaurant in Hollywood, FL. Nice to know I don't have to go that far.

Homemade Reese's Peanut Butter Cup - Now this one is so good you dive in before you remember to take a picture. It's a peanut-butter-crumble-cookie-brownie-type bottom layer with a hard coating of chocolate on the top. I'm sure this one will become a restaurant staple.


Breakfast:  Kolache Depot Cafe and Bakery (114 W. Brown St., PH: 972-878-2227) – Cream Cheese Kolache (pastry) for breakfast, need I say more?  This restaurant is a specialty breakfast, lunch, dinner establishment and is unlike anything else in the town. It is a great place to have a light lunch of delicious sandwiches and salads.  My personal restaurant favorite is the banana pudding, although they do make a really great Kahlua chocolate layer pudding as well.  They are prepared, packaged, and ready for you to take with you, and in my personal experience, everyone is always delighted to see you show up with a bag of these creamy desserts.

Lunch or Dinner:  El Mexicano Grill (219 W. Ennis Ave, PH:  972-875-9008) – This is my favorite Mexican food place in Ennis, as it serves up a large variety of dishes that you don’t always find at a Mexican food restaurant.  My favorite is the No. 36 Poblano Chicken Breast.  It’s a grilled chicken breast topped with grilled onion, poblano pepper, ranchero sauce, mushrooms, and melted cheese, served with rice and refried beans.  For $8.99, I can make two meals out of this easy, especially when I use the tortillas it comes with to make tacos.  They also have daily lunch specials for $5.99.

FRIDAY (Waxahachie):

Breakfast:  Braum’s – Sure I talk about how much I love Braum’s for lunch and dinner, but what I don’t mention is that they are a great option for breakfast.  They let you create your own breakfast sandwich using their fresh farm-to-restaurant eggs, cheese, and meats.  My favorite is the English muffin, egg, sausage, and cheese breakfast sandwich; however, their biscuits are quite a delight as well.  Since many restaurants don’t tell us where they get their products from, it’s nice to know that this fast-food option exists for people that want to be more conscientious of the foods they are eating.

Lunch or Dinner:  Tuscan Slice – (401 N. Hwy 77, #15) By far, the best Italian food in the county.  The super exciting thing about this restaurant is that they are now offering organic options on their menu!  Danny and I stopped in not too long ago and had the most amazing meal made up of two of their specials of the day.  For Danny, it was the 8 oz. Angus NY Strip Steak and for me, the Free-Range Chicken Marsala.  People were staring at our food from across the restaurant!  And the chef even came out to take a peek at his creations and our faces as they were presented.  It is very cool that you can get such a visually pleasing, tasteful, and high-quality meal in Waxahachie.  It is the perfect way to end your Staycation, and well worth the splurge on the fine ingredients.

Tuscan Slice's Organic Menu

8 oz. Angus NY Strip Steak

Free-Range Chicken Marsala - You owe it to yourself to eat this good!

No need to drive a great distance for good food.  Plenty of places to choose from in your own backyard.  Here are the best of the best…you’re welcome!

Where to Go Staycation Itinerary:

Monday:  Two Amigos and Anne’s Health Food Cafe (Waxahachie)

Tuesday:  Kim and Jenny’s and Jimmy’s Pizza, Pasta and Subs or Lighthouse Coffee Bar (Midlothian)

Wednesday:  Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and b’s Texican (Waxahachie/Midlothian)

Thursday:  Kolache Depot and El Mexicano Grill (Ennis)

Friday:  Braum’s and Tuscan Slice (Waxahachie)