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Bundt is for lovers…cake lovers that is. For the population that values a good, moist cake over tons of icing, this Bundt is for you.



My great friend Kelly turned me on to this place while we were out having fun in Arlington today. She mentioned how wonderfully moist their white chocolate raspberry Bundt cake is, even after a few days time, and I was sold. The cream cheese frosting was a nice bonus, especially when you get to the hollowed out icing center.

They have quite a cute setup inside Nothing Bundt Cakes and had plenty of samples.



The white chocolate popcorn was quite good.

They have a Bundt for any occasion, including smaller versions that are more like cupcakes.


There is something to this little cake. Is it better than ice cream? No, but honestly, what is? Did it keep me intrigued with every bite? Yep, good enough to put me in a sugar-induced, comma-like state. Makes me wish I would have stayed on the elliptical a little longer or at the very least, I should have skipped the sugary things I drank today. Darn you delicious iced coffee and free, strawberry lemonade. Tomorrow I will exist on water alone…the way I like it. I need something to dilute the sugar!