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If a chocolate chip cookie, pecan pie, and chocolate pudding had a baby…I’d almost guarantee that it would result in the chocolate-pecan chess pie. Southern Living was not messing around when they created this one!


It’s a chocolate pie (think about the taste of warm chocolate chips and the texture of a cheesecake) topped with toasted pecans and brown sugar. Now of course there are more ingredients than this in the pie, but you can get the drift. Karen, a co-worker of mine, made this delicious treat one day and brought it to share. It was a rich and heavenly experience and I could not wait to share this with my family.

I was so motivated that I actually braved the grocery store myself (basically I only know where things are at the one Whole Foods I frequent…all others grocery stores are completely foreign to me and do nothing but suck up my time and leave me slightly overwhelmed and confused). I knew if I bought all of the ingredients, it would be too hard for Danny to say no to me and he would put them magically together. So armed with my buggy and my cell phone, I managed to find every ingredient….thankfully, Karen answered her text when I asked her for help locating the right type of crust. She even told me what color and shape the box would be in so I couldn’t possibly get it wrong. I was sure to buy enough ingredients for 2 pies because if only one was made, there is no way I would get enough of it to be satisfied, not with my big family 🙂

A total of four pies have been made in my kitchen to date, and all have been the chocolate-pecan chess pie. I can’t imagine making any other pie now that I know this one exists. We learned that it’s best to chop the pecans up smaller, and to add a little less brown sugar than what the recipe calls for, so the topping is perfectly crunchy and in bite-size pieces. With the two adjustments, the pie is absolutely perfect! Everyone that has tried it has been a fan. You should absolutely make this pie!

You may be tempted to wait until the fall to recreate it, since that is typically the time for chess pies. There is absolutely no reason to wait because lucky for all of us, this pie is extra delicious when served chilled! So bake it, chill it, and serve it up this Spring. You deserve not to live another day without it.


If you find yourself plowing through the pie in only a few days….rest assured, you are not alone 😉