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Buffets are not my thing. I don’t really care for forming a line and browsing the options, trying to figure out how all of this food is intended to go together somehow. How am I supposed to know that anyway? I am not the chef with the vision, I’m just trying to piece a meal together over here. I don’t even know what options are lurking just ahead…I could make a wrong choice at any turn and end up with a hodge-podge of random flavors that in no way go together, while missing out on the delicious macaroni and cheese (insert-your-own-delicious-option-here) that is hidden at the end of the line. What? No room left on the plate…why???!!! A menu should be well thought out and planned by someone that has a clue, not just left to anyone with a whim and an empty plate. I also like to eat wholesome, quality food with the less preserevatives the better, so no, buffets are typically not my thing.

Then I stumbled upon Sweet Tomatoes in Arlington (4001 Matlock Road–there are several other Dallas locations as well).



Now here is a buffet with a twist I can get behind. In place of MSG and added preservatives, you will find real cream and butter. The soups are made-made-from-scratch and they even tell you what’s pumping out of the ice cream machine (it’s Dreyer’s by the way). Now this restaurant is proud of the food that they serve, as well they should be, and that is something I can definitely support, buffet and all. I have also heard that they have coupons if you register on their website, so this may be something to think about. We paid $10 per person for buffet with no premium toppings (meats, croutons, etc.).

What I really enjoyed about this place is that they give you a heads up about what is on the buffet that day on their website. Huge score for someone that’s a little leery about what I’m in for…one reason I typically opt for restaurants with a prepared menu is because I can plan ahead and rest assured that a chef has put thought into the flavor combinations I’m about to enjoy. On this particular day, the restaurant was doing a “best of customer favorites” selection and I was able to see a few things that I could get excited about, like the Greek salad and their chocolate chip muffins. There were so many different vegetable options on the line up! I managed to put this salad plate together and thankfully, everything blended nicely.


Then Danny was determined to try every soup, which he did…almost. His favorite was the French onion, which was good, but I prefer mine with the gooey cheese topping they sometimes come with.


There were also baked potatoes, hot pastas, and focaccia, which really seemed to be more like cheesy bread which I bet parents would be able to pass to their kids as “cheese pizza dippers” and all would be happy.

Ice cream time, but first a chocolate chip muffin. Double yum!



You can’t tell, but there is a molten cake on the bottom of my Oreo twist sundae. It was the featured warm dessert at the bar, so I thought I’d give it a try. As for the ice cream and Oreos, they were spot on. But as for my personal preference, nope, I still do not like molten cakes. If you’re not quite sure what molten cake looks like, click here. For some background, I’ve been trying to like molten cakes. I have tried them at various homes and restaurants and so far I’ve discovered that I don’t like unidentified, runny chocolate sauce, as it makes me think that the cake is just not cooked in the middle (even though I’m sure this is not the case….right?). One time the “molten” part turned out to be hot fudge…now this I like, but time and time again it has turned out NOT to include hot fudge.

The one dessert that I will be disappointed if it shows up to the table is molten chocolate cake. I just will, every time. I’m sorry; I gave it my best. Molten cake you have now officially made my “I Don’t Want to Eat” list along with runny cheese nachos (perhaps the “runny” part is a thing for me?) and scary-meat hot dogs. You are the first dessert to make this list and I’m disappointed and saddened by the loss.

What to Try:

Everything…it’s a buffet 🙂 There are tons of great salad toppings. I did like the macaroni and cheese here, by the way.

What to Avoid:

Four Cheese Alfredo – it was pretty dry when I tried it and lacked flavor.