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What is better than an organic strawberry? A strawberry that is grown without pesticides and comes from a local farm! I was lucky enough to purchase a pound of these delicious berries from Garden Inspirations just yesterday. This is the first early batch this year and they are deep red, smell wonderful, and are delicious.


I learned that at the beginning of the season, gardeners can often grow strawberries without using any pesticides to keep the bugs away, which is great news. It made me think that perhaps this is the case on most farms, so I came to the conclusion to buy local berries when they are in the early stages and then switch to organic berries as the season continues. Strawberries are a part of the Dirty Dozen, a list of vegetables/fruits that are recommended to choose organic when you purchase. I, for one, ALWAYS buy organic strawberries and the only reason I swayed from this is because I could count on the source to tell me how the berries were grown.

I love that there are local farms in our area supplying our residents with fresh produce. Some farms even go a step further into helping us obtain a healthy lifestyle and bring food and exercise together in the form of a 5k Fun Run…yay, Garden Inspirations. Hope to see some of you there on April 22. Some will run….others of us will eat…oh yes, there will be food trucks! Either way it will be a good time šŸ™‚

In the meantime, pick up some organic/local strawberries and enjoy a healthy dessert my way, with whip cream (and often yogurt). Yep, I eat this every night when berries are in season, unless I’m having ice cream!