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I just had the most fantastic grilled chicken sandwich! I know what you’re thinking…how can a grilled chicken sandwich be exciting? We’ve all had the grilled chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A and thought to ourselves, “Darn this diet, why didn’t I get the delicious, crispy, regular ‘wich instead!” We sacrifice a lot in the name of bikini season. Well, I’m happy to say, that thanks to Ann’s Health Food and Cafe we can enjoy our healthy food while watching our figure.

Now this is a chicken sandwich. They take a wonderfully, grainy bun and dress is with herb mayo and then add Niman Ranch grilled chicken, red onions, cucumbers, lettuce, and tomato. This sandwich will make you forget that you originally wanted a burger.

On to the daily specials. Every week, Ann’s hand selects a menu item to be featured each day. The downside is that you never know what will be featured until you arrive at the store and look at the handwritten menu (perhaps these guys should get a blog….that would be nice). Fortunately for you guys, I did the legwork for you this week. Here’s what’s on $5.49 special each day for the week of April 2nd:


This is a savings of $1-2, which I think is a big deal. Oh, and it comes with your choice of chips. I seriously, do not think you can beat this deal in town, especially when you compare the quality of the food you’re purchasing. Can you get enchiladas cheaper on Wednesdays…perhaps? But can you eat enchiladas every day and strut your stuff on the beach in a two piece? Well, there are no laws against it, but the general public would probably appreciate it if you didn’t.

Dinner tonight….grilled chicken sandwich.

Snack…chocolate chip pecan cookie (yes, I know I mentioned swimsuits…but hey, live a little).

Lunch tomorrow….turkey wrap (yes, this one keeps well overnight!). Already packed and ready to go, because I’m an efficient, forward-thinker like that.

Breakfast tomorrow…lemon poppyseed sticky finger muffin.


Yep, all from the same place. While I waited on my order, I purchased a few Amy’s, frozen meals (the only frozen meals I eat…these things are gooooood) and took advantage of their April, Buy-One-Get-One half off deal on supplements. It is nice to save some money on things I need anyway. It is super nice to be able to grocery shop and order take out all in one place!

What to Order:

1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich on a bun

2. Tuna Salad Sandwich