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Yes, the Easter bunny still visits me at my parents’ house. The extra good thing about this, is that he also visits my husband, all my siblings, and their girlfriend/boyfriends too. Well, okay, not the Easter bunny exactly (I’m sure there is an age cut off that I don’t meet anymore) but my mom puts together an Easter bag that’s similar to the basket I use to get every year as a child. It is still fun to open it up and see what candies I’ll find inside. This year in addition to traditional favorites, I also had a Central Market organic almond chocolate bar in there…nice touch, Mom.


Our family’s Easter celebration has definitely changed over the years. We do not all bound out of bed in the mornings to check our Easter baskets like we use to (well, our little KaLynn still does), rather we look forward to having our family all in one place. Nothing brings us all together like the promise of Nana’s cooking. This year was brisket, homemade chicken strips, potatoes, green beans, cole slaw, veggies, cream cheese tortilla rolls, pickles, and pickled okra (from my Nana’s garden) to name a few. I LOOOVE holiday meals!

Next it was on to desserts. Lemon cake, strudel, cookies, popcorn balls…


Then it was time for a sibling photo next to last year’s Easter chicks. My how they have grown. The chicken coop is courtesy of Danny’s Luxury Chicken Homes. Oh, yes, he’s not just handy in the kitchen. He’s also quite good with tools. These are some lucky Easter chicks.


Hope your Easter was full of delicious food, caring family, and a renewed sense of the reason for the day.