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Anytime you see a man next to a smoker, you know that the meal they are preparing is more about them than you. They are true meat lovers. Now us girls, we can usually take it or leave it. A meatless meal is not the end of the world, in fact, we can even prefer it. So a fired up smoker just doesn’t get the same rise out of us. Now firing up a panini press…now that’s another story!

Something comes over a man and fire and meat. Mine was loving his cookout so much that he wanted to smoke every ounce of meat that could be found in our fridge. I gave him a perhaps-you-shouldn’t look when he suggested smoking salmon on top of the already cooking brisket, chicken, and ribs. He reassured me that we could freeze it afterwards, but thankfully he decided he had enough meats on the grill.

When you’ve got this much meat cooking, a side dish can often be overlooked. The very nice thing about Danny is that he knows his target market (me) and he knows that I often get more excited about the foods served with the entree than the entrees themselves. With a plating like this, what girl wouldn’t be excited about the prospect of an all-meat smoke out?


The star of fajita night was most definitely Danny’s homemade smoked poblano tomatillo salsa. I’m not sure how this can happen, but it starts out sweet and richly flavorful and then after it hits your tongue for a second, it takes a turn for the HOT and spicy. It is such an interesting tongue/chemical reaction that takes place that it makes you want to try another bite, and another, and another. You get the picture. My tongue was on fire (ok, not totally on fire, but it was getting uncomfortable) but the initial sweetness kept calling to me. Luckily, he made a giant, mason jar full of it and we’ll get to enjoy this spicy sauce day after day.


Good news though, he agreed to share. You can try his recipe here on my Recipe page! You’re welcome 🙂