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Fair Park does Earth Day right. I’m still in awe of how much fun I packed into one day.



I started with the DFW Truck Farm’s 5k Fun Run and I’m proud to say that my sister, Kristin (#3) and I crossed the finish line of our first ever 5k! We were not alone, as I hear that over 20% of today’s contestants were first time 5k participants. I’m sure this has to do with the fact that the director of today’s 5k, was none other than Donnelle Simmons, and I’m quite sure she’s some kind of marketing genius. It just makes sense that today was such a success. In addition to making our way though the marked race path, there were also cool gardening/planting stations designed to help educate children (and adults) of where our food comes from and how things grow. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did plant some seeds too along with the little ones. I did, however, skip one step….I’m not an outdoorsy kinda girl so touching soil was one thing, but sprinkling water on it and potentially turning it into mud with no soap or hand sanitizer in sight and at least a mile left to go, I just couldn’t do it.

There were so many people involved in the run, from participants to volunteers. It was quite cool to see the number of kids that were participating in the race, which means that there are a lot of parents out there that care about what they are feeding their children and that make exercise a family affair. All around, it was quite an inspiring and uplifting day to see how many local businesses and nonprofits and schools and corporations all gathered together in support of a healthy environment and lifestyle. I definitely feel that the future is looking brighter after seeing the community come together today.


After the race, it was on for the primary reason I decided to come out on Earth Day, why food trucks, of course. I did my research and knew who was coming. First stop, Jack’s Chowhound.


Think unique grilled cheeses with an emphasis on the meats that accompany them. They are also known for their Meatball Sliders. Today we had an Italian theme and chose the Italian Grilled Cheese. Pepperoni, provolone, mozzarella, tomato, and a wonderful pesto spread sat in between two pieces of perfectly grilled toast. I will be looking for you again sometime soon, Chowhound.


We also shared a pizza from truck Delizioso and they are known for their thin, crispy crust made with Shiner Bock.

(The super sweet organic orange was courtesy of Greenling and passed out like candy today!)


Then it was time for something sweet, thankfully if you see Delizioso, that probably means that Enticed is not far behind since they are owned by the same person.


Gourmet shaved ice in pineapple orange/strawberry was delightfully refreshing as we sat on picnic tables by the Radio Disney stage and watched as they put on a great interactive live show that sure got the under 8 yr. old crowd dancing, singing, and hula-hooping.


This is what snow cones aspire to be. Perfectly flakey, ice crystal sheets that melt on your tongue in gourmet juice.

We also packed in participating in a simultaneous, around-the-world picnic to try and set a Guinness world record, watched a BMX show that was so dangerously cool it made me want to stop them just for safety’s sake (I’m sure it is a huge hit with the teens), and watched as yoga enthusiasts participated in group classes on the lawn throughout the day. We almost tried the yoga class out, but Kristin was looking out for me. My first yoga class probably shouldn’t be done in front of hundreds of on-lookers. Balance is not my strong suit and this was probably a good call. Now if is was a group Pilates class…I would own that.

Food trucks didn’t get all of our love. We also had sweet potato tots and ice cream from vendors. The official verdict is….no to sweet potato tots, but YES to their slender cousins, the fries. A few fries made their way into our basket and by far, this is the proper way to consume fried sweet potatoes. The tots just have too much sweet potato and not enough crispy.


After a quick stop at the Marble Slab booth, we sat and watched the paddle boat swans as Kristin longed for a ride. I warned her; I don’t paddle. It’s not on purpose, I just find paddle boats can be super hard to paddle (perhaps I’ve been on old rusty ones or something) and I give up usually half-way though the ride. Thankfully, my husband Danny has always been there to take up the slack and get me back to shore. He’s on to me now though, thus we avoid these self-propelled boats. There was no need to ruin the perfectly good day with sibling resentment on the pond, so we agreed she should take our baby sister one day instead.


A perfect ending to a great day at Fair Park. It was a terrific time and I hope even more people will come together next year; I’d hate to think of someone missing out on a day like today. I loved today’s DFW Truck Farm 5k Fun Run and I really hope that a Fall Harvest Run is in the works! Keep us posted, Donnelle 🙂

Where to Go/What to Order:

1. Jack’s Chowhound food truck – Italian Grilled Cheese

2. Enticed food truck – Gourmet shaved ice in Strawberry

Now these are food trucks, so you’ll need to go online and search their schedule. These two are definitely worth tracking down!