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Danny didn’t have to go to work today and that’s always good news on the kitchen front. He has been talking about a yellow curry chicken dish that he’s had at Golden Spice in Waxahachie. He assured me that the dish he made was totally different; however, it was at least a little bit inspired from the meal he had there. He knows I typically don’t like to eat meat when I’m not sure where it comes from (I like to make an informed decision that way) and he decided to create a dish we could both enjoy at home using organic chicken he bought at Sprouts in Cedar Hill. Apparently, this store has a nice selection of organic chicken and vegetables, which is good to know for future reference.

Chinese or Thai…anyway you make it, it is not the kind of meal I get excited about. I used to not quite be able to put my finger on why, until Danny made the realization that I only get extra excited about meals that involve cheese. It definitely makes sense when I think about it. The reason I do still welcome meals of the Thai/Chinese persuasion is because they typically include a lot of vegetables, which I love. Danny’s Yellow Curry Chicken and Vegetables was packed full of all types of fresh growers including sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, red and yellow pepper, purple cabbage, carrots, scallions, and snow peas. He served it up chunky soup-style with a side of rice to mix in.



The super good thing about eating really healthy Thai food cooked in your own kitchen is that you have plenty of room and calories for dessert! We’re not talking fortune cookies either. Danny spoiled me with cupcakes from Bakery on a Hill in Cedar Hill. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup for me and Razzle Me (Chocolate Raspberry) for him. The cupcakes definitely make a meal without cheese worth it!



These cupcakes are worth a trip to Cedar Hill even if you have no other reason to go! They have the perfect icing to cake ratio for us cake-lovers. With a perfectly moist cake and peanut butter icing perfection, this cupcake can satisfy the most intense chocolate/peanut butter craving.