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Ever imagine how your prom would have been if you had your very own entourage? Your very own cast there to serve your every need, do your makeup, run your photo shoot, and generally just follow you around to tell you just how amazing you look in your dress. Well, my sister Kamryn (#7) should consider herself quite lucky because this just described her Saturday and her first prom.

Kamryn’s Prom Entourage
-Kristin (Photographer), Kara (Makeup Artist), Kamryn (Celebrity), Kandace (Stylist), Kacey (well, sometimes I question my exact role here with this group, but thankfully I still get invited anyway 🙂

She’s a smart one, that Kamryn. She began putting together her entourage beginning in January, when she reserved Kara (#6) to do her makeup. Kandace (#2) is an accessory genius so of course you want her at every event, with bits and pieces from her closet to make you look like you paid tons of money for your own personal stylist. Seriously, people should pay her to shop for them. If I ever hit it big, she will be my first call.

My invite text came about 5 days prior to the big event. What impressed me the most is that she sent me a timeline of events for Saturday so I would know what was happening and when. The coolest part was when she mentioned she put together a schedule because she knows how I like things organized. I have a new found admiration for her! Not that she’s capable of putting together a schedule and sticking with it (which I’m truly impressed and have high hopes for her coordinating skills in the future, hey it’s not easy to coordinate 5-10 people in our family), but that she can actually persuade people to do exactly what she wants without really saying anything. For example, I’m quite sure that in addition to my lovely company, she wanted me to bring my high quality camera. She strategically invited our sister Kristin (#3 or #4, it appears I can’t always remember…oh yes, it’s #3 I’ve got it now) as well, and I would bet money it had something to do with her wonderful photography skills and her ability to give good modeling directions. I handed over my camera and Kristin did her thing, and the pictures came out beautifully.

One of my absolute favorite pictures of the day. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

In between the Kamryn-only moments, we found some time to have fun with some photos. Even my mom got in on the photo fun. It always takes some prodding though, she never quite joins willingly 🙂

After hours of makeup, hair, and photo, after photo, after photo, Kamryn was off to have a fabulous time at her Junior Prom. We were left to just chill and recover from having our very own celebrity for the day.

Thankfully, earlier that day Danny surprised me with my morning-drink-of-choice to give me enough energy to make it through the afternoon festivities. He is always looking out for me. I’ve never quite watched the entire process, but I have snapped a few pictures; enough to know that I’m not going to attempt this one on my own anytime soon.



Quite a process, but the result is an absolutely delicious Chai Tea Latte (my second favorite chai tea latte in the world–BuzzBrews is just so hard to top), which on this particular day was brought directly to the bathroom where I was getting ready…which is the next best thing to a latte in bed. And this is something that BuzzBrews will never be able to accomplish (score one for Danny’s Kitchen). Heavenly.


And sweet Kamryn did not take us for granted, oh no. I promptly received a thank you text the very next day. I’d say she’d make a lovely and gracious celebrity.