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Sure, I have a food blog and write about fabulous foods and the restaurants and people that bring them to us.  I have a list of places I’d like to try on my iPhone and add to it whenever someone shares a good tip of a place or dish I should try.  People even call me up and ask where they should go on their date nights…but all of this does not mean that from here on after I want to be the only one that decides where we should have a meal.  In fact, sometimes it can seem a little more like work to have to choose the restaurant to begin with, so it was a true gift when Danny said he found a restaurant he wanted to try and he was taking me on a date.  Yay, no planning for me (well, I did check out the menu beforehand…I’m not an animal :)!  All I had to do was just sit back and enjoy the evening at Brownstone.

West 7th location in Ft. Worth.  Several eateries, shops, bars, and apartments in the area make this place a great spot for people watching.

I started off the evening with Buffalo-Style Hummus.  I had read good things about this dish, but what people failed to mention was just how amazing their homemade pita chips are!  They were in between a pita chip, flat bread, and funnel cake.  You might think that this sounds a little odd, but the funnel cake aspect comes from the fact that I’m pretty sure they make these in peanut oil.  It adds a bit of sweetness to the perfect, softly-crisp chip.  There were absolutely none of these guys left on the plate.

Appetizer:  Buffalo-Style Hummus – vegan dish with just the right amount of blue cheese

Danny opted to start his palate off with Crab Cakes.  I thought the pricing was a little steep at $14 for the appetizer, but these were some of the best crab cakes I’ve tasted.  The crab pieces were large enough to taste their full sweetness and they sat in a creole mustard sauce that added a little contrast.

Crab Cakes

Fried Chicken and Grits – fried chicken breast, pepperjack grits, and sauteed vegetables

Danny’s entree choice reminded me of broccoli and rice casserole.  When you put all of these flavors together, apparently, that’s what you get.  The grits really seemed more like cheesy rice in their consistency.  A very cool take on what typically ends up as a mushy mess.  I’d love to hear grit lovers opinions on this one.  I have not had much experience in this area, but I had no idea grits could taste like this….so I’ll be more open minded next time.

I had been craving sweet potato fries lately, so when Danny suggested taking me out to dinner, the only question I asked was, “Do they have sweet potato fries?”.  He answered “yes”, so that’s all it took and I was in.  Knowing that I’d be ordering this side dish, I figured I might as well go ahead and pick a meal that complimented them. So the Pimento Grilled Cheese (with Bacon) and Tomato Bisque was a natural choice.

Sweet Potato Fries with what appeared to be the same sauce you find with onion peels, which works here too.  I LOVED these sweet potato fries.  Perfect crispy to potato ratio.

Pimento Grilled Cheese and Bacon with Tomato Bisque

I have been obsessed with Pimento Grilled Cheese since I first tasted it at Chocolate Angel Cafe and Tea Room in Richardson not too long ago.  I’m not the only one though, because my co-worker loved it so much she’s been trying to recreate it at home.  So far it’s soupy in consistency when grilled…I’ll keep you posted and let you know when she has it perfected.  That will definitely be a recipe we should not live another day without.

When my Pimento Grilled Cheese and Bacon arrived it was beautifully…..bacony.  Perhaps it should have been called a Grilled Bacon sandwich with some cheese and pimentos.  While it was good, I had no idea that such a huge serving of bacon would be enveloping the bread.  I think that I’d like to try it again next time sans bacon.  And yes, it is now officially, I’m off bacon for awhile.  I have fallen into a shameful bacon hole and now I must say “so long” for a little while.  (But if you’re reading this and you do see me out and about with an order of bacony goodness on my plate….just keep walking, no need to rub my nose in it.  I’ve obviously fallen off the wagon.)

And the finale…

Sour Cherry Pie for him (shipped in from Black Rooster).

Banana Pudding – In-House made specialty for me.  I am determined to see if I can find a better banana pudding (or at least one that’s as good) than the one at Kolache Depot in Ennis; it will be tricky but delicious.  While the one at Brownstone is good with the beautiful parfait display and the layers of crisp vanilla wafers, the pudding was a little runny.  I like my pudding almost like a custard.

You know how I can tell the difference between a date and just a dinner?  Two desserts. Oh no, sharing is not an option when it’s just me and my honey.  Or perhaps this is just his crafty way of keeping me out of his dessert….hmmm, I’ll have to think about that one.

What to Order:

1. Crab Cakes

2.  Anything with their Pita Chips

3.  Sweet Potato Fries