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Danny + Free Time = Amazing Meals!

Dinner time can be an extravaganza at our house on any given day of the week. Danny doesn’t even bat an eye when a weekday meal consists of a few hours of cooking and cleaning. Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen on a daily, or even weekly basis, but sometimes when the moon is just right and the stars seem to align, a meal like this starts coming into formation and no special occasion is necessary.

Here’s a peak into the process: He begins with swiss chard…

…washes a few more vegetables…

…grates a little cheese…

…and somehow it all comes together to make a fantastic spread that’s enough to feed a family of at least 6.

Lobster, crab, clam, shrimp, potato, corn, sausage steam-pot, swiss chard, macaroni and cheese, and cheddar bay biscuits. Served with clarified butter for the lobster, of course. Danny’s unbeatable macaroni and cheese recipe, takes a little time but it’s worth it!

A plate like this definitely gives a person something to smile about.

Danny is the BEST at cooking lobster. I have yet to see a restaurant that can pull it off as well as he can.

My compliments to the chef! Now this is a sweet and tender lobster to be proud of!

After two delicious cheddar bay biscuits (Red Lobster-esque). I could barely polish off my plate. Good thing we ate at about 8:00 that night and I was quite hungry by that time. Hey, I’m happy to wait a few extra hours for food this good. Friends and family that are reading this, I know you are wondering why you didn’t get an invite to come over…this was spontaneous, it was a weekday, and it was late, and I wanted to eat dinner in my pajamas without makeup and with wet hair. We’ll catch you guys next time.

Help me out here, where is the best place you’ve ever had lobster? I can’t always count on Danny to be around to whip me up a tail whenever I’m needing one.