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Birthdays come once a year, but sometimes, when we’re really lucky, they last for days! Danny and I got to spend one of those days together just the two of us, which is in of itself, one of my favorite things. It was a day full of nothing but time and all I had to do was mention something and Danny made it happen. He is an expert at making days special.

The day began at my favorite breakfast place, Buzzbrews. There are 3 locations in Dallas, but only one that I call my favorite, which is the quaint location off of Fitzhugh and 75. Anytime I have a choice and a morning free, you will find me here. I had yet to try their omlettes because frankly, their crepes are so good that I can’t pull myself away from their French Connection. But on my birthday I felt a little nostalgic and wanted a breakfast that mimicked the ones my mom cooked up when I was little. So it was The Zinger for me, filled with ham, onion, Anaheim peppers, cheddar and pico. It reminded me a lot of the ham and egg scrambles I enjoyed from my mom’s kitchen. I’m in love with their organic toast, by the way. You wouldn’t think that toast could evoke such feelings, but Buzzbrews manages to do just this. It’s perfectly toasted every time and has a wonderful crunchy bite to it.


20120526-132621.jpg Danny wasn’t too hungry so all he had was coffee and their small “Jailhouse” fruit salad. It sure was pretty. (By the way, I just thought I should point out that it takes a very self-confident female eater to order the bigger plate than her male companion. I’m not sure if this means “I’ve arrived”, but I sure got over any insecurities once I had a few bites!)

Danny sampled from their coffee bar, which is all-you-can-drink coffee consisting of at least 5 flavors for only $2.50. I had my favorite Chai Tea Latte and realized that it too is only $2.50….so now it’s officially the best chai tea latte in Dallas AND the best value as well!


After we were contently caffeinated, we headed off for a day of shopping. I kept thinking that perhaps I should have ordered another latte, but then I realized I was talking fast and loud in the car and was acting a little silly. By the grin on Danny’s face, I knew that I had had just enough.

Danny was a perfect shopper. He escorted me to the mall, left for periods of time to do his own shopping, sat willingly on the various couches/chairs/benches provided for just this purpose, and did not hurry me once. Perfect. I tried not to hold him hostage too long out of consideration.

Later I mentioned that I wanted a cupcake and that I had heard (from a thoughtful co-worker of mine…thanks, Laura) that the same cupcake place I like in Las Vegas, was in fact, also in Dallas.

PB Twist that I had in Las Vegas. Peanut butter cake with chocolate and pink buttercream swirl icing.

So we were off to The Cupcakery on 2222 McKinney Avenue in Uptown. When you go to the website, all of the information I found was on the Las Vegas location, which is confusing. You can use the website to take a look at what flavors they offer, though…these appear to be the same. The server at The Cupcakery assured me that they were the same as the Las Vegas location but that they broke away 3 years or so, which apparently meant they could open up more locations or something. Don’t quote me on this part, though. Either way, it was definitely a bright spot in the day to know that I could now have the same delicious cupcakes (in Dallas) that I thought were only in Vegas.

The Cupcakery in Uptown (Dallas)

It’s a good idea to get to The Cupcakery early, because there is a limited number of cupcakes available and once they’re gone…well, I didn’t get my peanut butter cupcake and I arrived 15 minutes before 8:00pm closing time, so you get the picture. What I was able to try were the Mounds of Joy and the Coco Frauline.

It’s important to note that the Coco Frauline does NOT, I repeat does NOT have icing on top of it. There is german chocolate icing in the middle of it instead. The nuts on top threw me off. I think they should write this on the description as a sort-of disclaimer for those of us that are coming into the store driven by our desire to have their icing….on TOP of our cupcakes.

The icing is the best part of The Cupcakery cupcakes. I would say they make some of the best chocolate icing that I’ve had to date. The cake part is dense and not as light and fluffy as other cupcakes I’ve had, but the flavor is definitely good. They also make their cupcakes without chemical stabilizers or hydrogenated oils, which is a definite plus. When you stop in for dessert, feel free to pick up a breakfast “muffin” which is basically a cinnamon frosting cupcake (with cinnamon swirls baked in to the cake) that you have full permission to eat as breakfast!

Your co-workers will definitely take notice when they walk by and you have one of these sweet treats on your desk.

Where to Go/What to Order:

1. Jailhouse Salad
2. Chai Tea Latte
3. The Zinger (omlette) or the French Connection (crepes) – it is hard to beat their fantastic poblano cream sauce!

The Cupcakery:

1. PB Twist
2. Mounds of Joy
3. Cinnamon Breakfast Cupcake