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I stopped in to the Lighthouse Coffee Bar in Midlothian today as I’ve been wanting to try their Chai Tea Latte. Remember, I am still on a quest to try every Chai Tea Latte.

Chai Tea Latte

Berry Blast Smoothie – Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, yogurt, with a blend of fruit juices and ice. No complaints here and I’m thinking I might try this drink next.

While I was waiting on my cup to steep (and my friend’s smoothie to be made), their rotating dessert display kept my mind occupied. They always have several to choose from, you just never know what they might be. If you’re lucky, they’ll be a giant brownie already wrapped up with your name on it. But you know me, I like to branch out and this place likes to experiment with new things….so we’re a good match.

Today they had what appeared to be a rice crispy treat with goodies inside. It looked good enough to spark a few more questions to the server, despite the fact that I had already made up my mind NOT to leave the restaurant with a dessert. All the server had to say was “the dessert is really rich”, and my will power went out the window immediately. Then she added, “There’s peanut butter, marshmallow, white chocolate, and chocolate chips…and rice crispies.” Sold. This dessert did not have a label next to it and I didn’t hang around long enough to figure out the official name. Some desserts are so good they don’t even need a name. You’ll know it’s wonderful upon first sight. The dessert reminds me of “Reindeer Poop” that often shows up at pot-lucks during Christmas time. This bar is rich and peanut buttery and quite amazing if I do say so myself. It is definitely one of my new favorites!

Desserts here are on rotation and you never know which one will be waiting for you. I suggest calling ahead to see what’s fresh that day, that’s what I typically do! My friend, Valerie, and I even give each other a heads up text if we discover they’re serving up hot-out-of-the-oven Over the Edge brownies. Hey, the system works. I suggest you find a dessert buddy of your own….or check in here periodically, I’m happy to keep you posted.

Stop in here for your next brew. You’ll feel good about choosing a better cup!


What to Order:

1. Brownies – super thick with chocolate chunks inside!

2. Over the Edge Brownies (brownies with extras on top) – click to read a past review.

3. Whatever white chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate chip, rice crispy concoction they had waiting for me today!

4. Great selection of coffees, smoothies, teas, etc. They also have organic soy and almond milk!

I’m always on the lookout for great places to go for dessert. Where is your favorite spot for a sweet treat?