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-Whole Foods flagship store in Austin: Photo taken from Whole Foods’ website

I frequently mention Whole Foods, the gourmet grocery store with a flair for the organic (it also supplies 70% of the ingredients used in Danny’s Kitchen on any given day). It’s the only grocery store I truly know my way around; send me to a local store and I will walk around blankly, staring at aisle signs, and questioning my ability to hold a “girl card” (I realize that things like this should definitely come easier for me). People often tell me that they have a similar experience when they go to a specialty store. I can see why Whole Foods would be difficult. If I’m confused by the aisles of “Kraft” and “Nabisco” (and I KNOW these brands) at a typical store, then I’m sure when they see “365” and “Annie’s” at Whole Foods and find very few packagings that look familiar, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Whole Foods – Park Lane, Dallas

I am happy to start making this whole experience a little easier and perhaps expose more people to the joy that is Whole Foods, by reporting on my “Fresh Finds” after my trips to the store. I do this on an individual basis for friends and family, but now this will be able to reach a larger audience, and you’ll be able to keep up with all “Fresh Finds” right here in one easy-to-search website. Hopefully, this will provide you with exciting items to include on your next shopping list, and an excuse to make the drive to your nearest store. I do not think of going to the grocery store as an errand to run; I think of it as an experience and something that should be enjoyed…and this has everything to do with the fact that I choose to shop at Whole Foods. Any place that allows you to shop with a glass of draft beer or wine in hand is obviously going above and beyond to help you enjoy yourself.

I’m currently in love with the Fresh Grind Chocolate Almond Butter at Whole Foods. You can find this on the “bin” aisle next to grains, granolas, nuts, coffees, and teas.

No need to be intimidated, just grab a container, put it under the spout, and push and hold the green button on the left. The almonds and chocolate will be ground together into a paste and all you have to do is add a lid. The chocolate almond butter is quite good on a piece of toasted “Seduction” bread you can get at the bakery section. You can also forgo the bread altogether and just grab a spoon and dig in (which is the indulgent way I prefer to do it). It reminds me of a hearty, nutty mousse.

Now this snack washes down nicely with a glass of my favorite 365 brand (Whole Foods every day value brand) almond milk, which is absolutely the best brand of almond milk I’ve found to date! Even if you have sworn off almond milk because you do not like the taste, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try before you call of the search completely. These cartons come in two sizes and the neat thing about this almond milk is that it can keep in your pantry until you open it. I LOVE things that have a shelf life and mean fewer trips to the store.

365 Original Organic Almond Milk

However, if milk seems a little boring and you’re in the mood for something a little more fun….almonds, chocolate, and red wine. Need I say more? Grab a glass and a spoon and enjoy!

What to Order:

1. Fresh Grind Chocolate Almond Butter

2. 365 Original Organic Almond Milk

3. Seduction bread from the bakery (great to use instead of a bagel)

Have any “Fresh Finds” to share of your own? Leave a comment or email me at whoscookingforkacey@gmail.com and maybe they’ll be featured next…after I sample of course!