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Leisurely lunches are always something to look forward to. I look for any excuse that will land me at The Dove’s Nest, which is probably the cutest lunch destination in Waxahachie. This time it was my co-worker Karen’s early birthday.

Karen and Dee

The Dove’s Nest provides built-in entertainment while you wait for your table. There is a boutique store connected to the restaurant with all kinds of girly displays.



On this particular day I found the perfect artwork for my kitchen.

I didn’t buy it on the spot, but I am completely contemplating going back and picking it up. I hinted around to Danny that this would make a good surprise, so maybe just maybe…

My two favorite dishes at The Dove’s Nest are their southwest quiche (which is giant and I learned is typically available on the weekend) and their tuna salad. The tuna salad is unique in that it is made with rice, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries and green onions tossed in citrus mayo. It is sweet and reminds me more of chicken salad. This place is known for their chicken salad, but the salad that makes my jello wiggle is definitely the tuna! You can get it on it’s own, but this time I decided to have a 1/2 sandwich with a baby spinach salad with spicy orange curry dressing.


The Dove’s Nest Salad Medley is a way to try several things at once. Karen and Dee both had the chicken salad and baby spinach salad served with seasonal fruit and their signature orange muffin. Despite my best efforts, they opted for chicken instead of tuna. Maybe they’ll take me up on the recommendation next time.


A birthday is not complete without a decadent dessert. Good thing Dove’s Nest serves up a great bread pudding. Typically you will find it in blackberry (which is soooo good!) but today they had something a little different, Peach Blueberry and Pecan Bread pudding with ice cream of course.


I really liked the addition of the fresh blueberries. The whole ones would burst with flavor in your mouth. I was feeling under the weather, but no worries….this meant I got an entire bread pudding to myself! I wouldn’t want to get anyone sick; I’m super thoughtful like that. ;).

What to Order:

1. Tuna and Wild Rice Salad

2. Southwest Quiche

3. Bread pudding

Extra Tip: The Dove’s Nest has a cookbook of their famous recipes available for purchase. They also cater and are a great location for a rehearsal dinner as I’ve mentioned here before.