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KaLynn and Kacey (#8 and 1)

Few people are lucky enough to have a 100% biological sister that’s 19 years younger. It just doesn’t happen that often. It would make more sense age-wise if KaLynn was my daughter. But nope, it’s way better than that, because I get to be her big sister. I exist solely for the purpose of making her life more fun. I get to impact her life through a few teaching moments and the good thing is, I’m not her mom, so I’m thinking that this ups the chances of her actually listening to me. Maybe.

KaLynn (#8) – The talented athlete in her softball uniform. She’s an awesome pitcher already. Pitchers run in our family…all of my siblings and I did it at some point.

KaLynn has grown into a super cool 11 year-old. With every year that passes, she becomes more mature and is a pleasure to spend time with. Sure, it was rocky when I’d take her places at the ripe young age of 3, with temper tantrums and gimmes threatening to take over at any moment. When she was 4, she never wanted the fun to end and would pout when it was time to go (okay, this lasted until about 6). By 7, her manners were well developed and there would be genuine “thank yous” when I was dropping her off after an all day event. At 8, she was the perfect flower girl/dog escort for my wedding, acting more like my bridesmaid than my baby sister. I still marvel at how well-behaved and grown up she was that day. Now, she’s just one of the girls. She can hang with adults like we are her peers and can blend in quite nicely. She has truly had a unique childhood and I hope she is able to look back on it one day and think it was terrific.

I was excited and a little nervous to take KaLynn to BuzzBrews. The girl likes pancakes, but typically she has them at All Good Cafe. Of everyone in my family, she is not someone you want to culinarily disappoint. It reads all over her face, even if she’s trying here best to disguise it. I get it. I can be the same way. So it was extremely important to me that she like BuzzBrews because frankly, I love it and if she does too, it increases my chances of going back. Now there would be two of us looking at Danny with our eyes wide and sparkling…and as all men know, it’s definitely harder to say no to two girls.


Here KaLynn is all smiling and optimistic, but the jury was still out. Thankfully, not only did she LOVE the pancakes, but she ate almost every last bite. I was worried she might not like the syrup. Not because it’s not good, on the contrary, this is premium quality syrup, no high fructose corn syrup in here, and it’s fantastic! But to an 11 year-old, well, I wasn’t sure if she would be able to appreciate the depth of flavor. She proved me wrong and absolutely adored it. Looks like I have a budding foodie to bring along on tasty adventures after all. She was also in love with their in-house fresh squeezed orange juice and had an admiration for my Iced Chai Latte as well, which reminded me of a milkshake on the rocks.


When Danny and KaLynn get together, there is never a dull moment. These two adore each other.


He doesn’t even mind one bit when her tiny little eyes peer over at his food longingly. He doesn’t skip a beat cutting up his steak and sharing a bite….or lots of bites after she discovered she liked it better than her bacon. Hey bacon for steak, it can be a fair trade…he definitely loves his bacon.


I tried the Chicken San Miguel for the first time and it reminded me of a breakfast chicken enchilada casserole. It was spicy and the tomatoes helped cooled the mouth after several bites when you start to feel the heat. I also like that it comes with black beans, which are better then their potatoes.


KaLynn and I are definitely cut from the same cloth. When asked what she wanted for her birthday, she didn’t mention gifts. She specifically requested pancakes, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a back rub. She truly has an appreciation for the finer things in life.  Finding happiness is only a pancake away.  I hope it’s always that easy for her.

Happy Birthday to my terrific baby sister, KaLynn! It is a joy to watch you grow up.

KaLynn, Kara, and Kamryn (#8, 6, 7)