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Tomatoes are in season and not only are they perfection but they are cheap, cheap, cheap…even the organic ones. We were at Sprouts yesterday and picked up a basket full for what seemed like pennies. There were so many it inspired Danny to make spaghetti sauce using predominantly fresh tomatoes. The result was something so good, I feel like it should have a new name. Calling it spaghetti just seems simple and wrong. The sauce took all day to make, but we agreed that the result was well worth it.

Made with brown rice noodles (you won’t be able to tell a difference between these and the wheat version!), Italian chicken sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, mozzarella, and even carrots, this is the type of vegetable-laden entree that really doesn’t need the addition of a salad. However, when Danny’s in the kitchen, you do not want to pass up on a single course if he’s willing to make it.

Blue cheese and sprouts add a little something extra. Even though we had plenty of tomatoes in the sauce, they are so good right now we didn’t want to pass up on a single opportunity to eat them. These cherry tomatoes tasted as sweet as adding fruit. Top the meal off with sourdough garlic bread (Danny’s version makes the frozen stuff seem like a completely ridiculous idea) and you will eat until you just can’t force another bite because it tastes that good!

If ever you have felt like creating your own tomato sauce, now is the time. The tomatoes are waiting and Danny even supplied his recipe.