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Nothing like a vacation to knock you out of the ordinary and into the exhausted. It’s like we haven’t had a moment’s rest since we got back into town. My eyes are puffy, I’m constantly sleepy, and we keep packing in more summer fun than I obviously can handle. The thought of waking up and getting a massage today felt more like a to-do list chore than pampered relaxation. This is when you know something is quite wrong. As I type, Danny’s back in bed after we went to a late lunch which had him feeling like something a little extra had been slipped into his tea. Now it’s entirely more likely that he, too, is completely worn out.

Perhaps instead of making us a home cooked meal after our travels, he should have taken the opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest, but that’s not the man I married. Instead, he chose to reinvent chicken spaghetti. Usually consisting of canned cream of chicken soup and Velveeta “cheese”, this dish is not quite the type of thing that is known to come out of Danny’s Kitchen. So he took it upon himself to stick to his organic ingredients and made a dish that even the most avid Velveeta-loving chicken spaghetti folks would approve of. No flavor was lost; in fact, I’d say that new flavors, like cherry tomatoes and organic cheese, made the dish even better. My 11 year-old sister, KaLynn, was a fan, and I found it so good that I couldn’t even wait for it to be reheated on the second day. I’m happy to say that it’s even quite tasty served cold and right out of the fridge.


I think Danny’s key ingredient was his made-from-scratch cream of chicken. He was proud of this concoction and had me sampling it before it ever went into the pan. Cover everything in organic cheese and yes, sir, we have ourselves a meal that anyone would be excited to return home for. A few more cooked-at-home meals like this and we’ll both be back to our usual rested selves in no time.

7/23/12 Update: Danny’s recipe has just been uploaded to the Recipe page! Thanks, Dear!