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Menus can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  I didn’t realize how heavily I depend on their descriptions until I unsuspectingly ordered a “different kind of” shrimp cocktail.  So I was minding my own business, happily trying out a new restaurant (S&D Oyster Bar in Uptown in case you are intrigued) and perusing the menu.  I was not very hungry, so I wanted something on the lighter side and a safe bet is usually a shrimp cocktail.  What I was expecting was something to this effect…

….or this….

Shrimp Cocktail at Big Shuck’s

But what I got, and I kid you not, is 4 (yes, 4) regular size shrimp with a cocktail sauce river running through it.  Even the $7.95 price tag could not explain this.  I truly thought I was in for a shrimp cocktail, not 4 shrimp covered in red sauce.

“Shrimp Cocktail” at S&D Oyster Bar – the “cocktail” term is obviously used loosely here

Now this is just sad.  It was so sad that Danny felt the need to give me a little of his meal and it made it less sad, but still sad, just the same.

If your shrimp cocktail greatly differs from the traditional standard, I do feel like customers need an ample warning.  The menu should totally disclose that you are serving up an impostor.  At the very least, the server could have given me a heads up when this was the only thing I ordered.  Needless to say dinner had an encore of frozen yogurt (Mango Tart with fresh mangos and kiwi) and pizza and I was SAVED!

Margherita Pizza (no tomatoes in sight though….can that still be considered “Margherita”?).

This pizza was from a place next to Yumi-licious in Uptown.  While I was busy making my yogurt next door, Danny snuck over to order a gigantic pizza.  Guess I wasn’t the only one that was still hungry?  I’m just thankful he took pity on me and shared his 1st dinner of the evening.  Now that’s love.

Where Not to Go for a Shrimp Cocktail:  S & D Oyster Bar!  However, to be fair, their entrees are quite good and so is their service.

Try Big Shucks shrimp cocktail instead as they do not disappoint.

Bonus Tip: Take a Trolley Ride around Uptown, they stop right next to Yumi-licious.

…and we met the cutest newlywed couple, Dylan and Erika (okay, it was Danny’s brother and sister-in-law 🙂