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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the next great burger joint.  Somewhere you can go to get a quality meal at a decent price and still feel good about yourself after you’ve inhaled the bun.  Look no further, Kincaid’s Hamburgers has 6 locations in Texas.  I would be willing to bet all are covered in nostalgic signs and welcoming red and white checkered table cloths that beckon you to sit and get ready for meal reminiscent of what food used to be.

I’ll have to admit, the red, white, and green color scheme at the Arlington location started growing on me. It just works somehow.

In case you’re wondering, I almost solely devoured all of the fried goodness in front of me with little to no help from Danny. The fried okra tasted so fresh and reminded me of my Nana’s that still comes farm fresh from her garden to her table.

Kincaid’s takes pride in the food that they serve from their high quality beef to their incorporation of local ingredients.  Burger lovers rejoice because here you can get your guilt-free beef fix thanks to their daily fresh ground U.S.D.A. choice chuck. The beef is vegetarian-fed, hormone, antibiotic, and preservative free!  Just like grandma and grandpa used to make…okay, maybe it’s more like great grandma and great grandpa by now, what with all the preservatives and quick-fixes that have been introduced into society generation by generation.

Kincaid’s Jr. Cheeseburger made with 1/4 lb. of vegetarian-fed, hormone, antibiotic and preservative free beef!

The quality ingredients all come together on a slightly toasted bun to produce one tasty burger.  You can even tell that the cheese is real….no slick, vegetable oil based cheese-like creation here.  This is the good stuff.  The price also seemed reasonable and Danny and I would have been able to get out of there for a fairly decent price had I not wanted to order one of everything, as I have tendencies to do.  Between the burger, okra, fries, specialty deviled egg, and banana pudding, I created quite a meal.

Deviled eggs, a Kincaid’s specialty. Packaged in two’s (only $.99) and ready to be devoured. Sweet and savory at the same time.

Banana Pudding

The banana pudding was good and had minimal bananas, which is always a plus for those of us that are a little allergic.  There was a thick enough consistency and the extra layer of vanilla wafers was a nice surprise as I dug my spoon into the bottom of the bowl.  The pudding was good, but not mind blowing.  I think in this case, I’d choose a deviled egg over the banana pudding if given a choice.  Perhaps next time I’ll try one of their fried pies instead.

I am always looking for restaurants that think a step ahead and choose high quality ingredients over cheaper food and larger profit margins.  Kincaid’s is definitely one of these such restaurants.  Hopefully more and more restaurant owners will discover that doing the best thing for animals, people, and the environment alike is not only responsible, but profitable.  I support these places whenever I can and hope I can help inspire others to do the same and think before they eat.  Next time you are craving a thick, juicy burger, try Kincaid’s or do an Internet search for another restaurant that makes conscious food choices…your body, and our environment will thank you.

What to Order:

1.  Fried Okra

2.  Cheeseburger – try the 1/4 Jr. size if you’re not that hungry….or to save room to try other items like I did.

3.  Deviled Egg