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When Danny is nowhere to be found, I have no choice but to feed myself.  I can usually make do on salads, Amy’s frozen dinners, cheese plates, and fruit.


However, sometimes (and I mean this happens wayyy infrequently) I find myself in the kitchen wanting something a little more substantial.  I’ve figured out a way to steam veggies and bake sweet potatoes and I actually do these things quite well.  I’ve also perfected the boiled egg–bring water and egg to boil, remove from burner and cover for 14 minutes before cooling with ice and peeling right away.  This is about all I’ve got at this point.

Thankfully, you can put together quite a meal consisting only of the skills I currently possess.  This particular fall evening it was steamed brussels sprouts (my favorite vegetable), sweet potato with a tiny amount of butter, and pulled pork with cabbage on a roll.  The pulled pork was courtesy of Leon’s Real Fine BBQ, a new local joint in downtown Waxahachie (107 S. Monroe St.) that is open solely on the weekends.

Leon’s Real Fine BBQ in Waxahachie, TX

Their ribs are quite amazing, by the way.  Danny brought home some of his Friday pulled pork lunch leftovers and I was able to add it to my plate.  If there’s one thing I’m not quite ready to tackle, it’s cooking meat.  You can actually poison people if you don’t do this right, so I’m not taking any chances anytime soon.  You’re welcome dinner guests.

Steamed brussels sprouts, sweet potato with a tiny amount of butter, and pulled pork with cabbage on a roll

Now this is a pretty plate and for a second here, I was even able to fool myself into thinking that perhaps this cooking thing just might take.  Nahhh….just kidding 😉