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I have a new love.  No not this….



She is my old and continuous love.  My new love comes in a much, much smaller form and smells like Heaven (in my mind, Heaven will most definitely smell like a coffeehouse and will manage to make coffee actually taste just as good as it smells).  My new love is coffee!  Not just any coffee, specifically the perfection that rolls out of La Duni Latin Kitchen and Coffee Studio on a daily basis.

Cappuccino Caramel (music) and regular Cappuccino (heart)

Cappuccino Caramel (music) and regular Cappuccino (heart)

Start with a real cup, add espresso combined with hot milk, milk froth, and caramel sauce, and serve at a bistro table with one elegant orange rose, and you’ve got my recipe for a perfect morning.  Sure La Duni can serve this up right, but I’m just saying that this is seemingly something that could be created in our kitchen on a daily basis…hint, hint Danny if you’re reading 😉

I’ve had coffee in the restaurant, as well as to go, and the result has been the same every time.  This is definitely a place you should frequent and by frequent, I mean go weekly.  Don’t just take it from me, Kristin (sister #3) has met me here a few times.  Seriously, one day we stopped in to the NorthPark mall location twice!  This is good stuff.

La Duni and gluten-free chocolate crispy treats

La Duni Cappuccino Caramel and gluten-free chocolate crispy treats –the perfect combination!

Come in for the coffee and stay for breakfast and bakery goodies.  I’m obsessed with their use of gruyere cheese and their skilled crafting of a homemade English muffin.  They combine them both in their Gruyere and Ham Scramble.  Skip the Hollandaise and red jam, something this buttery good doesn’t need it anyway.  The texture of the muffin is a cross between what you have previously known as an English muffin and a toasted piece of Texas toast.  It is thick and chewy and browned perfectly on top.  Serve it along side honey baked ham with scrambled eggs covered in gruyere cheese and with a side of roasted potatoes that are good enough to be a featured entree….and you have my current breakfast obsession.

Gruyere and Ham Scramble with Homemade English Muffin

Gruyere and Ham Scramble with Homemade English Muffin

La Duni got me hooked on coffee again; however, their four Dallas locations are not that convenient for me on a daily basis.  That’s okay, Danny has taken care of me here at home with the new Verismo System by Starbucks.  With a few punches of a button, some tiny coffee and milk pods, and a new separate milk frother, I can have a lovely latte served right here in the comfort of Danny’s Kitchen.

So what have I been up to the last few months, you ask?  Thanksgiving to New Year’s is every foodie’s dream!  Let’s just say it’s been my busy season.  Danny’s Kitchen has been in full swing and cooking for crowds, which means I’ve been entertaining and unfortunately, cleaning….a lot!  The New Year looks like it will be filled with more home-cooked meals courtesy of Danny’s New and Improved Kitchen.  We love our new place so much, we just may not find as many reasons to leave it.

Where to Go/What to Order:

La Duni Latin Kitchen and Coffee Studio:  

1.  Cappuccino Caramel

2.  Gryuere and Ham Scramble with Homemade English Muffin